martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Medical Tourism

This era of rapid change and innovation is creating a new business model that is directly beneficial to developing countries, we refer to Medical Tourism.
There are two regions that compete for this honor: Latin America and Asia, both have advantages and disadvantages, but we are favorite.
What is accelerating the maturation of this industry is the health crisis in the U.S. with its large debt of 50 to 60 trillion dollars, so we are a real safety valve to solve this problem, we talk about a business of 80 billion per year from 2017 and of that amount, half would go to Latin America, concerns the American Tourism Association (MTA). Among the participating countries are Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile and El Salvador. .
Mexico are already preparing several hospital chains, including Los Angeles hospitals, buildings constructed in major border towns in the north.
Latin America (especially Mexico) have the advantage of proximity and this will reduce costs, and Asia has the advantage of history to use Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), together with the medicine "Western" traditional (herbs, yoga, Ayurveda etc).
Comments .- This is great news for medical entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of innovation with new ideas and business models, platforms, including online consultations and nutritional supplements that act as cellular and functional foods that are supported by the historic use of our Asian colleagues.

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