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Informatic Age + Conceptual Age

To transcend, you first have to survive and this is what is happening to us, both in health and in financial terms.We was on the hedge of extinction 150 thousand years ago and thanks to omega fats could develop the frontal brain area and create the cognitive skills that we have at the top of the animal kingdom.1
Today we are again at the same crossroads, with the pandemic of obesity and related chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, heart and brain disease and) and emotional disorders since aggresion to depression, which we are trying to quit successfully.
Times are changing very fast, in just 20 years pass from the Industrial Age to the Informatic Age and now we are in the Conceptual Age; we must be very careful to get adequate information and make necessary adjustments; of otherwise we will be punished with disabling illnesses and / or poverty, or both.
The skills to develope in this century we have in each cerebral hemisphere, scientific research has shown us that in the left side (HCI) are the analysis, logic and language, features which are exploited in the information age; but the overall changes with automation, abundance and low-wage developing countries have made it necessary to develop the characteristics of the right cerebral hemisphere (HCD): synthesis, empathy, spirituality, design, storytelling, games and laughter.2
Although the economic boom was on the characteristics of the left side, are now insufficient to achieve the success and must be complemented. Already are being carried out programs and courses in humanitarian activities since early childhood until in medical school. So the doctor of tomorrow will have to learn the Traditional Medicine Science, more Integrative Medicie, more Humanitarian. Now the patient is assessed as a whole, not as a disease.
These characteristics are typical of Oriental Medicine, so that their addition to the official Western medicine promises better results, that the end is what matters.
From a financial point of view, both the doctor and the patient must learn the new rules of money, 3 and one of the most accessible and secure is the personal use of nutritional supplements to help you solve both problems and maintain: Health and Money and his family, through network marketing.
Picture: functional magnetic resonance imaging MRI, reading aloud printed words: normal (left), dyslexia (right).
References: 1 .- In the Omega Zone Dr Barry Sears 2 .- A Whole New Mind Daniel H Pink
3 .- Conspiracy of the Rich R. Kiyosaki (shipped as a gift)
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