jueves, 23 de julio de 2009

Health,Agriculture and Business

Medicine in this century will focus more on the health and welfare and less on the disease, this will bring new trends like the rise of new organic products http://twurl.nl/bjg2yi in which does not use pesticides, or fertilizer that can contaminate and cause disease; new generations of farmers in the U.S. specialize in this area, today Fortune magazine article printed above.
The market value of organic foods products is 31 billion and personal care products 8 billions, it is very attractive http://twurl.nl/j7fxnx. Draws attention to a special case in relation to Mexico, it is the firm Jacob Farm and Del Cabo, which in 1985 formed a cooperative with the community of 400 Del Cabo´families in northern BC, raising their standard of living until today. http://twurl.nl/wpm4ak.
Comment: 1.-It is wise to return to the production of healthy food.
2 .- The nutritional supplements are derived from them. Add advanced technology (nanotecologia in some cases)
3 .- Organic farming is a niche market. We have investors?

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