miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

The Conspiracy of Health (2)

Whenever people are more aware of the irresponsibility of the chemical industry, agriculture and pharmaceutical cost of our health. Together they form a trillonario business with high political interests.
With supermarkets full of processed products and pesticides used in cultivation, offer little and nutrient deficient that produce discomfort or illness; the perfect circle is closed with the doctor indicates a drug to buy at the drugstore. They have now evolved through genetic engineering in the seeds and maintain a staff of 2,500 lobbyists for the approval of their work efforts.
The pharmaceutical industry has not made major drug discovery since antibiotics and most of these drugs are active metabolites or plant ; on the other hand, sales of natural and organic products each year are higher and there is a clear trend to medicine "alternative" flourishing industry of 100 billion per year.
This trend in 1994 crowned his effort in adopting the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), but by "coincidence" has been a smear campaign and this week the FDA issued a new Guide to Dietary Supplements and report adverse effects http : / / twurl.nl / iokpbi
It´s difficult that politicians take the best decisions that benefit the world, but there are citizens like Stephanie Vance who knows how to make your voice heard in Congress.
The world in which you and your children will live tomorrow depends on what you do today.

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