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Key questions on your Health

This commentary is based on the exclusive online articles to its subscribers that today we sent R. Kiyosaki in his book Conspiracy of the Rich. Will be 3 stories, this is entitled Your questions are Vital.
Since he focuses on financial , we will moving in parallel to assess the health. These are 3 stories that helped him become rich and believes that the financial crisis will not end yet, so we can benefit by if things get worse.
The positive thinker is the one that says "I do not get sick, I feel very well," the negative is often depressed and say "I do not do diet, because I cant lost weight" or "Idont use nutritional supplements, because not working". Be realistic and with appropriate information to make the best decision. On the way to be healthy, there are good times and bad times, but we must persevere.
When asked a bizarre rich Why do you have 93 Rolls Royce? replied, that's a dumb question, the better question is Why you do not have 93 RR?. So ,the questions are vitals and it would be this: Why I'm sick? How can I achieve to be healthy?
At that time was when he met his mentor Rich Dad, Do you already know your Rich Doctor (in wisdom) and / or your independent distributor (multilevel) as a mentor on your health?
Kiyosaki said that he was lucky to find as a child that was not academically smart (left cerebral hemisphere), because if he had been, it would be a doctor (so says)) and was not been so happy, nor so much money (creative by right cerebral hemisphere) (also independent distributors).
Another essential question is: What would you do if you had any health world?. Responses must be many and positives, write it and put into practice some of them, for example, not smoking, not drinking alcohol, do exercise, healthy diet, take supplements, teach your kids that you learn (they learn what they see, not what they hear) and so on.
Moral: if you want positive change in your life and your health and your family, you should to change the questions you do yourself.
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