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Economics and Obesity in America

Is impressive and evident how american society has become obese in the last decade, but not only them; on a recent medical meeting in Mexico, it was reported that already ranks first in obesity among children and women. WHO estimates that by 2015 there will be 2.300 million people are overweight and more than 700 million obese.
A few decades ago people were thin, which made her change? We started eating larger quantities of cheap and tasty food made of refined carbohydrates and vegetable oils from 3 grains: corn, wheat and soya.1 American farmers receive 20 billion dollars per year in subsidies to these grains, in fact . this country is the world leader in producing cheap food of this kind, and finally exported to the world this "fashion" of food. Dear reader, you think that Congress remove these subsidies?
To "balance" the economy President Obama is trying to reform the health system in which to invest one trillion dollars in 10 years; otherwise the Social Security and Medicare "owe" 50 to 60 trillones.3 This U.S. health system the most expensive in the world, but not the most effective.
What happens in our bodies when we eat food ahead? It produces a state of that cell swelling does not cause pain, but subycente is the cause of a wide range of chronic diseases, from obesity to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and neurological diseases. 2 The complications of these are very disabling and expensive treatments that are threatening to bankrupcy not just the U.S..
So the only viable recourse will be to print more dollars, leading to more poverty, taxes, inflation and debt. Currently, the overall base money (currency, paper currency and bank reserves) is 1.700 trillion dollars, just 2 years was half; the pace has accelerated since 1.971 years that Nixon withdrew the support of the gold to the dollar, so politicians have not made the best decisions and and we all have great problems.
The socio-economic situation is severe and globally will require the right measures at various levels (government ¿? and society).
At the individual level and family, are you preparing for the health and economic crisis? Bibliografia
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