sábado, 25 de julio de 2009

Childhood Obesity and Dietary Supplements

Are we leaving one world "comfortable" to the next generations? Are children adequately prepared to handle the future?
It seems otherwise, because they are suffering an epidemic of obesity that predicts a poor quality of life for the complications that accompany it. This problem began almost 30 years by the abundance of food at low cost and inadequate habits in lifestyle.
Now, the society is engaged in a movement to reverse this trend, since the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) http://twurl.nl/6mubrf, on the other hand the government's legal action has come to the extreme of arrest by negligence to a mother of a child of 14 years with 250 kgs overweight and nutrition industries that are creating or modifying nutiricional products. This industry had sales of 10 billion dollars last year and 1 billion were for dietary supplements http://twurl.nl/ik3qgk Moreover, law are beginning to demand to the retaurants that set up the calorie values in menus http://twurl.nl/flut0k
The trend towards childhood obesity tends to be global and this year Mexico has already achieved the first place.
Comment: The man learns by imitation and children are repeating the mistakes that adults have created in the last 3 decades.
It is important that we teach that there are dietary supplements that feed them better and avoid disease in the future.
First, parents should acquire this knowledge and what you can learn and even generate revenue through multilevel or network marketing, so our children will be healthy adults and with financial success.
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