viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Which Nutritional Supplements Really Work

It is a fact that the public "believe" in the supplements, despite the doctor.
The doctor did not agree and do not know of "herbs"
The "market" will grow to $ 6 billion by 2011
25% of Americans used a supplement.
It will increase the variety of presentations:
- Gum, or snack bars, aerosols.
There is confusion for inadequate information.

There are types of herbs 20.000
Only 10 have been studied extensively.
1 .- garlic 2 .- echinacea 3 .- ginko biloba 4 .- Saw Palmeto 5 .- ginseng
6 .- grape seed 7 .- green tea 8.-St. John's Wort 9 .- Blueberry 10.- Aloe
Only 4 are highlighted in bold statistical significance.
In the next blog will explain its usefulness, side effects and interactions with medications.
We are interested in your opinion, expect your comment =)

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