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EATING WELL HAS RISKS:5 Tips to avoid them

If you eat "good" are in "risk" of:
- Lose weight.
- Feel "unbeatable" physical and mental.
- Improve or disappear conditions related to obesity.
- Diabetes, high pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis,
asthma, eczema, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea,
ovary polycystic, indigestón, fatty liver, and muscle
pain / joint.
Is proposed by authors such as Dr. Elvebakken and Dr. Sears, his rationale is that the 3 main nutritientes, protein, carbohydrate (HC) and fats. The last 2 are those that maintain health / illness as follows:
- By eating the proper amount and quality of HC generates just the right amount of
- If you eat "over" secret more insulin.
- Excess insulin stores fat and it not let to release it (keeps you fat)
- Excess insulin way more omega 6 fatty acids. (Bad eicosanoids)
- Omega-6 are the basis of inflammation
- Inflammation produces diseases above mentioned.
- To regulate insulin. increase omega 3 (good eicosanoids)
The basis of health is to control inflammation
Dr Sears suggests the basis of their food guide pyramid to the fish oil and Dra puts it on antepenultimate place, giving more importance to the proteins as backbone and carbohydrates with low glycemic index.
She suggested that a potential "poison" (HC = sugar) generated by addiction, so to avoid relapses, complete their treatment with mental programming to food (neurolinguistics programming?). Another difference is that instead of using "sophisticated" lab test of the ratio of EPA / arachidonic acid, showed that the glycosylated hemoglobin is useful for monitoring the risk of cardiovascular complications, not only sick, but in the public in general and that"thin" people can be inflammation.
In simple terms, she said you need to know the functions of your body, recognizing the value of the food and how your brain works all that information. Does not recommend supplements.
Here are 5 Tips:
1) Quality protein: lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, soy.
2) Regular insulin to maintain the high omega 3.
3) Vegetables and fruits for fiber and other nutrients.
4) small and balanced meals, 3 principals and 2 small
5) That let to stay without hungry.
These concepts are powerful because they control and eliminate obesity and inflammation, allowing return to normal weight and optimal health.
Comment: - The concepts of Dra. (Book The Food Tree) are simple, scientific and conclusive.
- Kiyosaki employ the same "methodology"to explain his concepts about financial
freedom (Conspiracy of the Rich)
- The nutrition are biochemical processes, which leads to the scientific field.
- Large number of nutritional supplements are not based medicine evidence, there
should be random scientific studies.
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