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5 Tips of Network Marketing to effectively comete Trump Network

What rival would not "to fight" in multilevel. Probably Trump Network because the prestige of the brand is guaranteed. Seven months ago, started this company and striking use of social networks to "contact" (twitter).
At product, supplements will be personalized, monitored by a "test" and adjusted every month, according to metabolic tests. Contain anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, wholevitamins and mineral chelating.
The company's mission is the same as mentioned here in previous blogs: improve your health and your finances, (both of the crisis is not just about money and hasten the bankruptcy).
Comments: A multilevel other companies, we make the following suggestion to compete effectively:
1) Use social networks (all as possible) -
- Blogs
- Twitter
- You tube
- E books
- Withepapers
2) Create "viral" marketing
recommend by word of mouth, (but for social networks)
3) Do not sell
not talk about your business or products.
4) Give information to the public seeks and needs.
surveys, reports, research papers, mechanisms action, risks,
side effects of thecomponents of the product.
5) Free Webinarios
We'd love to hear your opinion, share a comment =)

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